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China Medico Corporation was invited to participate in the 10th Joint Construction and Sharing Exchange Conference for Chinese Medicinal Materials Bases
Quality Improvement by Craftsmanship |"Cao Lijuan Craftsman Talent Innovation Workroom" Was Successfully Licensed
Congratulation| The Third "Haihe Craftsman Cup" Skill Competition Achieved Good Results
A bulletin of glad tidings | China Medico Corporation was awarded the title of "Professional, Refined, Distinctive and Innovative" SME in Tianjin
Shengshi News | China Medico Corporation's Cohesion Meeting of Places of Production in 2022 Was Successfully Held
China Medico Corporation Was Entitled Tianjin Municipal Enterprise for Harmonious Labor Relations
Happy festival | Warm “Goddess Day” Everything starts from "heart"
Safety and Responsibility Override Everything| China Medico Corporation Held Its 2023 Annual Fire Emergency Drill and Training
Safety Knowledge Competition丨Abide by the safety laws of production and be the primary responsible person
Skill Competition丨Carry forward the spirit of craftsman and strive to be a skilled pacesetter
Eternal flower gift 丨 Meeting the most beautiful self
Exclusive Care丨Warm Spring in March, Heroine demeanor in China Medico
The Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Baishan Municipal Government


Gansu Pinelliae Rhizoma base
Jilin wild Glycyrrzhizae base
Jilin, Heilongjiang ginseng base
Gentian cultivation base

China Medico holds the core mission of “Providing Chinese with Quality Medicine”, and establishes and implements the highest level of traceability system in the industry for quality of Chinese herbal medicines and herbal decoction pieces in the whole process.


Click on the top Query button, enter the traceability code on the product packaging of China Medico herbal medicine products, or use Wechat to scan the QR code on the packaging, you can check the traceability information in the whole process planting, processing, testing, warehousing and logistics, of the purchased herbal medicine products.