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Congratulations丨Shengshi Baicao for obtaining the quality Chinese medicine product certification
Good News | China Medico Corporation Ranked on the 2023 China Brand Value Evaluation Information List
Summer’s Cool | High tech Zone Federation of Trade Unions Brings Summer Care to China Medico Corporation’s Employees
Congratulations |The "Golden Hammer Cup" has come to a successful end, and many people from China Medico Corporation have won honors!
Good news| China Medico Corporation has won the national "Golden Bridge Award" which is the highest honor in the national technology market!
China Medico Corporation News - China Medico Corporation 2023 Producing Area Cooperation Meeting Successfully Held
Indulge in delicious food and celebrate the festival丨Shengshi Baicao held the 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Food Festival
" One Heart, One Occassion One Battle " - Shengshi Baicao launched the 2023 Autumn Sports Meeting
Skill competition丨Create a skilled elite to highlight the charm of production
Enjoy the joy of the beach and feel the cultural charm - China Medico Corporation 2023 Qinhuangdao Tourism Group Activity
Safety Month Activity | China Medico Corporation 2023 Safety Knowledge Answering Challenge Successfully Held
Passionate June, Walking Together with One Heart - S China Medico Corporation 2023 Employee Qingdao Tourism Team Activity
The Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Baishan Municipal Government


Gansu Pinelliae Rhizoma base
Jilin wild Glycyrrzhizae base
Jilin, Heilongjiang ginseng base
Ephedra cultivation base

China Medico holds the core mission of “Providing Chinese with Quality Medicine”, and establishes and implements the highest level of traceability system in the industry for quality of Chinese herbal medicines and herbal decoction pieces in the whole process.


Click on the top Query button, enter the traceability code on the product packaging of China Medico herbal medicine products, or use Wechat to scan the QR code on the packaging, you can check the traceability information in the whole process planting, processing, testing, warehousing and logistics, of the purchased herbal medicine products.