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Mainstream Medias Conducted a Joint Interview with ShengShi Baicao.
China Medico Corporation Won the Second Class Prize of National Prize for Science and Technology Progress
President Li Gang Attends The fourth Symposium on Chinese and Japanese Traditional Medicine
Proprieter Kato Terukazu of Tsumura & co Visits China Medico Corporation
China Medico Corporation Obtains Splendid Results in the Trading List of Chinese Medicine Foreign Business
Tianjin factory of China Medico Corporation passes overseas factories identification of Japanese
The Company arranged the work to advance the management system associated with GACPThe Company arranged the work to advance the
Hand in hand for a dream – Lincun Company’s Changbai Mountain passion summer 2012 trip
The Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Baishan Municipal Government


Gansu Pinelliae Rhizoma base
Jilin wild Glycyrrzhizae base
Jilin, Heilongjiang ginseng base
Ephedra cultivation base

China Medico holds the core mission of “Providing Chinese with Quality Medicine”, and establishes and implements the highest level of traceability system in the industry for quality of Chinese herbal medicines and herbal decoction pieces in the whole process.


Click on the top Query button, enter the traceability code on the product packaging of China Medico herbal medicine products, or use Wechat to scan the QR code on the packaging, you can check the traceability information in the whole process planting, processing, testing, warehousing and logistics, of the purchased herbal medicine products.