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Warm March Beauty Festival - Happy Women's Day!

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  In the past year, all the female employees of Shengshi have been diligent and dedicated in their respective positions, striving to be the first, contributing the wisdom and  strength to the development of the company, showing the style a confident, independent, capable. 


On the occasion of the Women's Day

I wish all Shengshi female employees:

Like the spring day in front of you, flowers are growing step by step!


  The spring breeze is often blowing, and the women's flowers are specially red. In order to celebrate the 114th Women's Day, enhance the personal charm of women, guide the majority of female employees to pay more attention to their own moral cultivation, enrich cultural and entertainment life, and relieve work pressure, the company specially held the theme activity of "Warm March Beauty Festival".




  Cao Lijuan, deputy general manager of Shengshi Baicao, Dong Huilin, director of labor protection of the trade union committee, Liu Jia, director of the fund review committee, and Wang He, director of the female employee committee, were specially invited to participate in the event.



  The committee members affirmed the efforts of the company's female employees, thanked everyone for their contributions in their posts, and said that the company will continue to improve the welfare and related training mechanisms of female employees, provide more protection for everyone's work and life, and wish all female employees a happy holiday.


------------------------------  Explanation of emotion management methods  ------------------------------


  Zhang Zhiling, a lecturer from the sales department, was invited to give a special course on "Emotional Management in the Workplace".



  Focusing on the theme of the lecture, the lecturer actively guided everyone to correctly understand the relationship between emotions and mental health, and explained in simple terms how to master the methods of psychological adjustment and stress management. For female employees to solve the problems existing in work and life, for everyone to further relieve pressure, maintain a good attitude, the atmosphere is strong and warm.


------------------------------  Twist and twist handicraft activities  ------------------------------



  The event site prepared colorful twisted flower production materials, female employees in accordance with the explanation steps, under the guidance and help of the staff, give full play to their creativity and imagination, help each other, twist the materials in their hands into realistic bouquets, weave a charming shape, soft and artistic, bright colors, different forms, to bring everyone a beautiful and pleasant feeling, for the female employees to send warmth and hope blessings.



  This activity allowed the majority of female employees to effectively relieve their emotions and relieve pressure, and at the same time improved their aesthetic literacy, enriched the cultural and entertainment life of female employees, and won unanimous praise from everyone. It is hoped that on the road in the future, the majority of female employees will continue to carry forward the aspirations of women, fulfill their practice and achieve far-reaching results, bloom in promoting the high-quality development of the company, and write a more brilliant chapter of struggle.


May you be like a spring breeze

Gentle and powerful

Like dew in the morning light

Fresh and pure

May you be your own sun

Sparkle and shine