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 China Medico Corporation  is a leading enterprise in Chinese herbal medicine industry, focusing on the standardized planting of high-quality Chinese herbal medicines, as well as the production and operation of herbal decoction pieces. Member enterprises include, China Medico Corporation, Jilin Lincun Chinese Medicine Development Co., Ltd., Baishan Lincun Medicine Development Co., Ltd. and Beijing China Medico Chinese Medicine Clinic Co., Ltd., among which, China Medico is the core business platform.

  China Medico holds the core mission of “To Provide High-quality Chinese Medicine For Chinese People”, and bases on the advantages of the whole industry chain, to provide traditional Chinese herbal medicine products and best solutions with accurate effectiveness, controllable quality, and safety and reliability for customers at home and abroad.

  The company deals in over 100 types of Chinese herbal medicines bulk products, including ginseng, licorice, pinellia, asarum, ephedra, etc., and more than 300 kinds of herbal decoction pieces products. The company ranks No. 1 among all Chinese herbal decoction pieces export enterprises in 2017 and No.3 among the traditional Chinese herbal medicine export enterprises, among which, ginseng exports have ranked No. 1 for several years since 2012.

  The company, relying on its international business resources, has conducted layout of the whole industry chain resources in the field of Chinese herbal medicines and herbal decoction pieces. The company has taken the lead in establishing and practicing GACP standards in the country, possessing more than 180000 mu of standardized planting base in multiple herb-producing areas; enjoying a world-class, domestically leading processing center for herbal medicine and Chinese medicine in Tianjin, whose design and operation are in line with international PIC/S GMP norms, and the center has passed Japanese overseas factories recognition; the testing center has also passed the CNAS certification, to meet the test technical requirements of international markets, such as Europe, USA, Japan, South Korea, etc.; and make efforts to develop the highest-level whole process quality traceability system of Chinese medicinal materials and Chinese medicine decoction pieces.

  The company views its technological innovation as the driving force, and has carried out a number of research cooperation projects with domestic and international authoritative medical research institutions, including China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences of 302 Military Hospital of China, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Institute of Pharmacognostics of Tsumura & co, etc. Meanwhile, the company is in charge of multiple major projects of national, provincial and ministerial level, including the “National Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicine” and “Chinese Herbal Medicine Production”, which has provided strong technical support for the development of the company. DNA Barcoding System for Identifying Herbal Medicine, the project our company carried out with China Academy of Chinese Medical Science and other institutions, has the honor to win the Second Class Prize of National Prize for Science and Technology Progress. The national project our company undertake with Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences of 302 Military Hospital of China has won more than one national invention patents.

        The company is awarded as Demonstration Enterprise of Industrial Brand Cultivation, is named “Industry Leader” by Tianjin Science and Technology Commission. The Technology Center of the company is identified as “Tianjin Enterprise Technology Center”. Also,the company has won the A-class pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises in Tianjin and the title “Tianjin Assured Pharmaceutical Company” continuously for many years.  China Medico and its affiliated companies have, in the 36 years of development, championed the principle of “Integrity and Sincerity for Quality Medicine”, and desired to, through the unremitting efforts and hard work, develop the company into the leading enterprise in the industry of Chinese herbal medicines and pieces, as well as the domestically leading and world-class Chinese enterprise in herbal medicine, to make greater contribution to the health of all mankind.