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Compete for skill and safety丨CHINA MEDICO CORPORATION held a special operation skills competition

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  In order to stimulate employees' enthusiasm for learning, improve their theoretical level and practical ability, and create a cultural upsurge of "learning technology, practicing skills, and comparing skills" in the company, on March 6, Shengshi Baicao Public Works Department held a special "Special Operation Skills Competition" activity.



  This competition has three games: welder actual operation, electrician practical operation, and theoretical knowledge quiz, all of which are team competitions, with one welder and two electricians in each team.


  In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the competition, the competition specially invited Cao Lijuan, deputy general manager of the company, Wang Guangqiang, deputy director of the logistics department, Dong Huilin, director of the production department, Du Zhengkuan, director of the personnel administration department, and Yao Yongzhen, director of the Ministry of Public Works, as judges to watch the competition and score in the comprtition.



  The welder actually operates the competition project, and the contestants are required to complete the welding work of steel plate butt and stainless steel round pipe butt within 20 minutes.


Welder’s operation


  The electrician actually operates the competition project, and each team is required to complete the assembly of the star delta start control circuit within 15 minutes.


Electrician’s operation


  In the theoretical knowledge rush answer project, team members can rush to answer, 10 points will be added for correct answers, and 10 points will be deducted for wrong answers.


Theoretical knowledge quiz


  At the scene of the competition, the contestants completed the examination in strict accordance with the regulations, held their breath and showed their operational skills, and the participating teams were full of spirit, rigorous and orderly, with a clear division of labor, showing good professionalism and superb professional skills.



  The contestants competed fiercely on the spot, and the guests scored meticulously and rigorously. According to the ranking of the team's total score from high to low, the guests presented the corresponding prizes to each team. 



  This special skills competition not only built a platform for front-line operators to learn from each other and show their skills, but also created conditions for employees to exchange technology and innovate and improve, further promoted the construction of knowledge-based, skill-based and innovative high-quality workforce, and helped the company's technical level continue to develop.