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Colorful Life, 'Bottle' Adds Happiness丨Shengshi Baicao held a mosaic vase DIY activity

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  In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, let employees relax physically and mentally after busy work, and enhance the cohesion of enterprise development, on December 27, the labor union of Shengshi Baicao Company held the DIY activity of mosaic vase for the theme of "Colorful Life, 'Bottle' Adds Happiness". Everyone decorates a vase full of love with gorgeous mosaics at this moment of saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year. 


  Before the start of the event, the staff introduced the production process and precautions of the mosaic vase. Then everyone began to make the mosaic vase, and each person used different colors of mosaics to decorate the vase according to their own preferences and creativity.



  During the production process, everyone communicated with each other from time to time, giving full play to their rich creativity and imagination, and shaping the mosaic patches into beautiful vases through pasting, brushing, rubbing and other actions, and the whole event was full of joy, unity and imagination.


  After everyone's skillful production, exquisite and creative vases were produced, and everyone showed each other with their own works, full of a sense of accomplishment.


  This activity provided an opportunity for the company's trade union employees to communicate, enhance their creativity and hands-on ability, shorten the distance between employees, enhance the cohesion each other, and improve their sense of belonging and happiness.