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" One Heart, One Occassion One Battle " - Shengshi Baicao launched the 2023 Autumn Sports Meeting

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The golden autumn is cool, the dangui is fragrant, and the Shengshi Baicao factory area is full of vitality. In order to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, enrich the spare time life of employees, enhance the physical fitness of employees, cultivate teamwork ability, improve the cohesion and centripetal force of employees of the company, and enhance the communication between employees of various departments, the company  organized the 2023 "One Heart, One Occassion, One Battle"  sports meeting on the afternoon of September 22.


This time, the team was organized by the department, and there were 6 team competitions, and everyone on the field was fully focused and worked together, and the good results of the competition were achieved. Let's feel the excitement of the scene together...


——————————————————   squat down   —————————————————


Ten groups, three three competitions, after the host introduced the rules, each group called out their team's vegetable code, some code name "okra", some called "UFO melon".....



"Millet pepper squat, millet pepper squat, millet pepper squat after mustard squat..." The contestants were nervous and excited, and the slogans and cheers on the scene rose one after another.


Everyone was in high spirits and eager to try out, and they were all ready to show their skills in this competition. Everyone at the scene focused their eyes, moved quickly, their voices were loud, their laughter was endless, and their hearts were full of happiness. This activity allowed everyone to experience the importance of unity and the power of wisdom in happiness.


——————————————————   Bump the ball   —————————————————



"One-two, one-two, one-two..." The same frequency, the same height, eyes gathered, and everyone silently counted the number of balls in their respective groups.


Work together and carefully, share arms, head, and shoulders, do your best to stop the ball from falling, and do your best to get the ball thrown more times.


——————————————————   Chopsticks clip the ball   —————————————————



Look, some players clamp the ball accurately, fast as lightning; Some players are calm and measured, and they are fast in stability; Some players have failed to catch the ball many times, but they are not frustrated and keep trying. Table tennis balls are smooth and elastic, some people are stable and chopsticks one by one, some people's hands shake so badly that they can't clamp it, but it doesn't prevent them from having fun. Everyone concentrated and went all out, showing their unique style one by one.


——————————————————   Duck step relay walk   —————————————————



With the sound of the starting order, the competitors rushed to the point, and the "wind" speed drew a perfect arc. Their sturdy posture, powerful steps and vigor to strive for the first place show the positive and enterprising spirit of the company's cadres and employees. The cheerleaders cheered loudly, injecting more passion and vitality into the autumn day.


——————————————————   Combined pass   —————————————————



Accurately docking the "track", smoothly moving towards the finish line, trying to keep it smoothly in the "track", the players felt the cohesion of the team during the passing process, and stimulated the team spirit.


——————————————————   Tug-of-war competition   —————————————————



One rope, one heart. The fierce tug-of-war competition began, teeth clenched, hands pulled back, feet desperately stepped forward, all team members went all out, pulling is unity and cooperation, pulling is the same goal.


——————————————————   Award ceremony   —————————————————


▲The Business Unit won the third place


▲The Finance Department won the runner-up 


▲The Ministry of Works won the championship


▲The Ministry of Public Works won the Tug of War Special Award


After fierce competition, the business department won the third place, the finance department won the runner-up, and the public works departme-nt won the championship. In addition, the Ministry of Public Works won the special award for tug-of-war.



Friendship and competition dance together, passion and sweat are unbridled, and the atmosphere of unity and progress is sublimated again.


The successful holding of this sports meeting not only exercised everyone, but also enhanced team cohesion in addition to intense work, and stimulated the collective sense of honor and responsibility of employees. In the future, Shengshi people will integrate the struggle, cooperation and wisdom displayed on the field into their workplaces and make new contributions to promoting the sustainable and high-quality development of the company!