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Skill competition丨Create a skilled elite to highlight the charm of production

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In order to improve the skills and quality of front-line employees, improve production efficiency, encourage the majority of employees to form a sense of first-class competition, and the fighting spirit of bravely achieving goals despite difficulties, from July 16 to 29, Shengshi Baicao Trade Union specially launched the "2023 'Shengshi Cup' Staff Selection Skills Competition".



In this competition, three varieties with high daily operation rate were selected: Hebaiju, licorice and astragalus. First, the judge mixes a certain number of non-conforming products into the raw materials of the specified weight to form the final competition drug sample. The referees will then train the participants on the selection criteria and competition requirements of each variety. In the end, each contestant's selection situation and selection time will be comprehensively judged.




The company's production selection work has always adhered to a rigorous and meticulous working attitude, and in this competition, the participants have fully demonstrated their daily work status. Meticulous and attentive, with the keen observation and accurate judgment cultivated, carefully and carefully selected the raw materials, did not miss any unqualified products, and showed the results of learning and training in a race against time, staged a wonderful professional selection skills competition.


▲The referee confirms the non-conforming products and the results of the competition


According to the principle of fair and just competition, after each selection of two participants, the referee will review the unqualified products in the sample, and after the competition, carefully identify the non-conforming products selected by the participants, and accurately record the selection situation and the time spent.



After 14 days of fierce competition, 1 team award, 2 special prizes, 4 first prizes, 7 second prizes and 17 third prizes were finally selected. On August 7th, the award ceremony was specially held, and Chen Yanguo, chairman of the company's labor union, Cao Lijuan, deputy general manager, Du Zhengkuan and Dong Huilin, members of the trade union, and Han Ruiyuan, vice minister of production, were invited to present awards to the winners.


▲Chen Yanguo, chairman of the company's labor union, presented awards to the winning teams


▲Chen Yanguo, chairman of the company's labor union, presented awards to the winners of the special prize


▲Cao Lijuan, deputy general manager of the company, presented awards to the first prize winners


▲Du Zhengkuan, a member of the company's trade union, presented awards to the winners of the second prize


▲Dong Huilin, member of the company's labor union, and Han Ruiyuan, vice minister of the production department, presented awards to the third prize winners



At the award ceremony, Yang Wanxiang, the winning representative, and Zhang Xiangxiang, the leader of the winning team, delivered their acceptance speeches respectively. They said that they will continue to uphold a serious working attitude and a high sense of responsibility in the future work, create more excellent results in their own positions, and contribute more to the company's production work.



Mrs. Cao first congratulated the awardees and affirmed their contributions in production. Mr. Cao pointed out that although the company's production selection is boring, it is a key link in the company's product quality, and hopes that everyone will create extraordinary performance in ordinary positions and achieve a wonderful life.



Finally, Mr. Chen made a concluding speech, Mr. Chen said that the company has always adhered to the core mission of "letting Chinese use real good Chinese medicine", and the production selection link is an important part of ensuring the quality of the company's products, and the colleagues in the production department shoulder a heavy responsibility. It is everyone's strong business ability and high sense of responsibility in daily life that enable the company to continuously improve the quality of products, and achieve the first place in the export of Chinese medicinal materials and pieces in China for many consecutive years. Finally, Mr. Chen once again expressed his sincere gratitude to the winners and all production staff.



Since 2022, Shengshi Baicao Union has successfully held two selection skills competitions. Through the competition, the majority of employees have further improved their professional skills, enhanced their sense of collective honor and responsibility, and formed a good atmosphere of "catching up with learning and helping out". The majority of employees have said that in the future, they should continue to improve their professional skills, strictly control the production process, contribute their own strength to the realization of Chinese use of real good Chinese medicine, and help the development of enterprises and social health while realizing their self-worth.