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Congratulations丨Shengshi Baicao for obtaining the quality Chinese medicine product certification

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Recently, Shengshi Baicao Medicine Industry Co., Ltd. successfully passed the certification of "Quality Chinese Medicinal Materials Ginseng" by the Quality Assurance Center of the China Quality Association, and is the first batch of enterprises to pass the quality Chinese medicine certification.



This product certification is based on the T/CAQ 29002-2021 group standard of China Association for Quality T/CAQ 29002-2021 "Quality Chinese Medicinal Materials Ginseng", as one of the series of standards of "Quality Chinese Medicine", and its quality index is higher than the quality standard requirements of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. This series of standards provides a basis for evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese medicinal materials, including ginseng, and achieving "high quality and good price".


Professor Chen Shilin, President of the Chinese Medicine Branch of the China Association for Quality and member of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said that ginseng is known as the "king of hundred herbs", and the first batch of three ginseng enterprises have passed the certification, marking that the standardization and quality level of the traditional Chinese medicine industry is gradually improving, and injecting new impetus and vitality into the development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry.



The Quality Assurance Center of China Association for Quality is affiliated to China Association for Quality and is an authoritative third-party certification body. Relying on the strong professional background of quality brand of China Association for Quality, it creates a quality Chinese medicine product certification project recognized by the industry and trusted by consumers through strict certification standards and processes, and adopts the "standard + certification + brand activity" model to connect the subjects and links of Chinese medicine scientific research, Chinese medicine planting, Chinese medicine circulation, Chinese medicine consumption, Chinese medicine supervision and other subjects and links, create a quality Chinese medicine ecology, and promote the high-quality development of the Chinese medicine industry.


As a leading enterprise in the traditional Chinese medicine sub-industry, Shengshi Baicao has always adhered to the core mission of "letting Chinese use real good Chinese medicine", and is committed to creating high-quality and good Chinese medicine, which has been widely praised by customers at home and abroad. As the first major variety of Shengshi Baicao, ginseng has ranked first in China in terms of export volume for many consecutive years.