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Proprieter Kato Terukazu of Tsumura & co Visits China Medico Corporation

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In October 16, Proprieter Kato Terukazu of Tsumura & co Visits China Medico Corporation, receives warm reception extended by president Li Gang and his party. At first, president Li Gang introduces our companys development in various undertakings of last five years, and then introduces key issues such as construction of genuine medicinal material bases and construction of whole process quality traceability system.




Afterwards, Proprieter Kato Terukazu visits the producing department, testing center and storage center and exchanges ideas with technicists on aspects such as the producing process of Chinese medicinal material, processing skills of Chinese medicinal material and decoction pieces and test methods.   




During the communication, Proprieter Kato Terukazu expresses commendation toward our companys development. Hstresses that Tsumura & co will continue to provide support and cooperation to China Medico Corporation on producing development, technical research and other aspects. President Li Gang expresses the idea that the two company will join together to start new businesses, look forward to the future and carry out continuous Innovation and Development.