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Signing Ceremony of Cultivated Ginseng in Cropland Joint Project

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June 6, 2014, cultivated ginseng in cropland joint project launched by China Medico Corporation, Institute of Chinese Materia Medica China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and Tsumura & Co. finishes its signing ceremony and officially starts.

The three sides cooperatively carry out systematic scientific research, establish scientific operation specification of large-scale cultivated ginseng in cropland, make research to solve the problem of ginseng continuous cropping obstacle and probe into the scientific pattern to achieve sustainable utilization of land resource. This action not only protect natural forest resources and natural environment but also guarantee the sustainable development of ginseng industry. Based on the collaborative research and at the purpose of large-scale production, the three sides establish scientific cultivation specification of cultivated ginseng in cropland and ginseng farmland sustainable utilization. Finally per unit yield of cultivated ginseng in cropland can be 80% per unit yield of traditional cultivated ginseng in forest land.