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Safety Month Activities丨Everyone talks about safety, and everyone will respond to emergencies

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In order to thoroughly implement the decision-making and deployment on strengthening safety production work, according to the requirements of the Notice of the Office of the State Council Safety Committee on Carrying out the 2024 National "Safety Production Month" Activities", to further improve the safety production awareness of all employees, enhance the ability of escape and first aid, and ensure safe production activities, from May 31st to June 30th,China Medico carried out the "2024 'Safety Production Month' Emergency Drill Activity" activity.


In line with the principle of full participation, this year's safety production month activities have two parts: online safety knowledge quiz and on-site escape emergency drill.



Online safety knowledge quiz, the preliminary and final rounds have their own judgment, single choice, multiple choice of different question types a total of 20 questions, mainly around the safety production of each link of the question, through the correct rate of answers and time to select outstanding pacesetters.


After a fierce and intense answering competition, 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, and 7 third prizes were finally selected, and awards were presented to the winners on the spot.







In the escape emergency drill link, special external experts provide professional technical guidance on fire escape and cardiopulmonary resuscitation for employees. The majority of employees at the scene listened carefully to the explanation, actively learned escape and emergency knowledge, and rushed to participate in the simulation drill.



▲Fire escape drill


▲Cardiopulmonary resuscitation exercises



The development of this safety production activity has received positive response and praise from the majority of employees, who have said that through this online and offline all-round training of theory and practice, they have further improved their awareness of safety production and emergency practical operation ability, and provided help for safe production and life.


Firmly establish the awareness of safe production and strictly implement the responsibility of safe production.China Medico will take this opportunity to continue to strengthen safety production and escort the company's stable development and employees' happy life.