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The trade union of chinamedico held a basketball match

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In order to build a healthy and progressive corporate culture, improve the overall quality of employees, enhance corporate cohesion, and promote the development of a harmonious enterprise, on June 6th and 11th, the trade union of Shengshi Baicao Company held a friendly men's basketball match of "Jumping Shengshi Basketball".



The competition takes the form of group competition, with 8 teams randomly formed, and 4 teams are selected from the 8 teams in the preliminary round to enter the finals.


▲Chen Yanguo, chairman of the trade union / executive deputy general manager of the company, delivered an opening speech


Before the start of the competition, Chen Yanguo, chairman of the trade union, delivered an opening speech, he expressed warm congratulations on the opening of the competition, and encouraged everyone to cheer for everyone in line with the principle of friendship first and competition second, and compete for their best results.




The enthusiastic cheerleaders injected vitality into the competition with wonderful dances and cheered for the athletes.


▲Referee Huang Teng explains the rules of the game


After the referee explained the rules of the game in detail, a whistle sounded and the game officially began.



After fierce competition, the three teams of champion, runner-up and third runner-up were finally selected, and in the cheers and applause of everyone, the leaders presented certificates and prizes to the winning teams respectively.


▲Deputy General Manager Liu Tianzhi presented awards to the third-place team


▲Deputy General Manager Cao Lijuan presented awards to the runner-up team


▲Chen Yanguo, chairman of the trade union / executive deputy general manager, presented awards to the champion team


This basketball game is not only a feast of sports competition, but also a demonstration of team spirit and fighting spirit. Through the competition, the athletes not only exercised their bodies, but also gained friendship and growth. In the days to come, Shengshi people will continue to meet more challenges and opportunities with more enthusiasm, passion and firm belief for courage.