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Go hand in hand丨Let more high-quality Chinese medicinal materials enter thousands of households

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On May 24th ~ 26th, with the theme of "Quality Leading, Standard Improvement, and High-quality Development", the 11th Chinese Herbal Medicine Base Co-construction and Sharing Exchange Conference was held in Tianjin.


As an enterprise of the National Innovation Alliance for Standardization and Quality Assessment of Chinese Medicinal Materials, China Medico was invited to participate in this industry event.



China Medico " three-no-one-all " brand medicinal materials and fine standard decoction pieces to the brand exhibition area


Zhang Ling, member of the party group and deputy mayor of Tianjin Municipal Government, and academician Zhang Boli inspected the booth of China Medico


Li Gang, executive director/general manager of Shengshi Bai Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd., introduction the booth of China Medico




China Medico, Ping An Health, "Champion Style- Boutique Chinese Medicine Counter"

Reached a strategic cooperation of " three-no-one-all + Ping An Family Doctor|Internet medical model"


" three-no-one-all " is an industry standard for Chinese herbal medicines proposed by the National Innovation Alliance for Standardization and Quality Assessment of Chinese Medicinal Materials in 2018, that is, no sulfur processing, no aflatoxin pollution, no pollution, and the whole process can be traced. Academician Zhang Boli has commented many times: "' Three-no-one-all ' is a reassuring medicine". Since the establishment of the " three-no-one-all " quality certification system, China Medico has actively cooperated with the core technical units and relevant experts of the alliance, consciously improved the corresponding technical and management measures in accordance with the requirements of the "three-no-one-all", and accepted the approval of the alliance organization. So far, it has successfully passed the certification of six brand varieties of ginseng, schisandra, jujube kernel, yuanzhi, astragalus and skullcap.


The scene of the signing ceremony


In order to respond to the call of the alliance, realize the accessibility of " three-no-one-all " medicinal materials,and bring more good medicinal materials to the people, during the conference, China Medico signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the "Champion True Colors - Boutique Chinese Medicine Counter" and the world's top 500 Internet medical service platform Ping An Health, and opened up the " three-no-one-all " product supply chain online.


This cooperation has effectively promoted the entry of high-quality traditional Chinese medicine products into Internet health care. This is not only an innovative milestone for China Medico, but also a deep understanding and exploration of the industry, which will bring unprecedented service value and experience to customers in the future.


▲Chen Yanguo, executive deputy general manager of China Medico, delivered a speech 



Chen Yanguo, executive deputy general manager of China Medico Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said that the "three without one" standard has leveraged the leap in productivity, is the foothold of the high-level dynamics and combination of new supply and new demand, and the matching of "China Medico + Ping An Health + Champion True Color" is an extraordinary strategy to provide high-quality, high-performance, high-safety and high-environmental protection products and services for the Chinese.


Zhang Jun, general manager of Ping An Health's medical operation department, said that Ping An Health is a mobile medical company committed to providing Chinese people with a one-stop OTO platform for managed care, and has connected a mobile medical network covering counties, stores and homes in the model of family doctors. It has always adhered to the service concept of high quality and high standards, which is very consistent with the brand positioning of " three-no-one-all ".


Li Tian, Secretary-General of the Alliance Communication Committee and founder of the "Champion True Colors - Boutique Chinese Medicine Counter", introduced that all settled products will be labeled with the "Champion True Colors" anti-counterfeiting traceability label, and consumers only need to uncover the label and scan the QR code when purchasing, they can easily verify the authenticity and quickly understand the source of the product. In the future, we hope to leave more good medicinal materials to more Chinese people and help national health.



It is understood that in order to control the first pass in the market, the alliance selects the best of the best, and the representative " three-no-one-all " brand varieties with the first export brand, organic certification and pollution-free certification can be settled in the "Champion True Colors - Boutique Chinese Medicine Counter". Two varieties of Shengshi herb ginseng and red ginseng have been successfully settled. As the first batch of settled enterprises, the company will uphold its original mission, continue to develop more high-quality varieties to settle in the counter, provide patients with more high-quality medicinal materials, and contribute more to the cause of healthy China.


The leaders and guests who attended the relevant ceremony included Wang Guoqiang, honorary chairman of the alliance, Zhang Boli, chairman of the alliance, Sun Xiaobo, executive vice chairman of the alliance, Yang Hong, vice chairman of the alliance, Chen Xiuying, director of the sales department of China Medico, Zhao Haidong, general manager of Yilin wolfberry, Zhang Zhifeng, chairman of Inner Mongolia Mandela, Li Anning, executive director of Jilin Aodong Medicinal Materials Seed Company, Huang Tian, manager of Sanqi in Miao Township, Yu Pinkuan, general manager of Huazhou Huachenghong, Liu Jun, general manager of Hubei Si'an Pharmaceutical, Guo Liu, director of Longxi Qizheng, Liu Hao, director of Zhejiang Shouxian Valley, Ma Xiaohua, general manager of Sichuan Panxi Liangtian, and Huo Xiangyang, chairman of Shanxi Jingjing Industry.




It is reported that the alliance conference was jointly sponsored by the National Innovation Alliance for Standardization and Quality Assessment of Chinese Medicinal Materials, the Institute of Medicinal Plants of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Haihe Laboratory of Modern Chinese Medicine, and Tianjin Agricultural University.


The conference set up a main forum and 16 sub-forums, covering multiple topics such as innovation and technology, green development, brand building, rural revitalization, interconnection, digitalization, internationalization, etc., accurately cutting into the hot spots of the industry, and discussing the quality improvement and high-quality development of the Chinese herbal medicine industry. The conference will be held at the same time, aiming to accurately connect the upstream and downstream of the whole industrial chain of Chinese herbal medicines, provide participants with sufficient opportunities for sharing and communication, and comprehensively contribute to the high-quality development of the entire Chinese herbal medicine industry.