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Cohesion and common development, Longxing Lang Lang to the future - Shengshi Baicao 2024 New Year Party was successfully held!

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Cohesion and common development, Longxing Lang Lang to the future - Shengshi Baicao 2024 New Year Party was successfully held!



 Some leaders and colleagues of Shenzhen Tsumura Company, Tianjin Tsumura Company and Ping An Tsumura Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. were specially invited to gather together to talk about friendship and welcome the future of the New Year.



After the shocking countdown, the stage was lit up and accompanied by the dynamic rhythm of music, and the party kicked off with an energetic opening dance.


Quality Management Department《super》


 The beating rhythm, cheerful rhythm, and energetic dance movements all reveal the vitality and passion of the quality management department.


Sales Department《歌曲串烧》


 A song skewered, singing the ideals and ambitions of the dream chaser, beautiful singing, vivid performance, showing the sales team's brave self-confidence and dream-chasing spirit, the scene burst of applause.


Cultivation Management Department《骁骑绝尘》


 The lyrics are rewritten with sincerity, the aftermath is lingering, the sword dance performance is uniform, and the planting management department integrates the work into art, presenting a unique audio-visual feast.


Finance Department《盛实财务乐园》


 The little brothers and sisters of the finance department, who are good at singing and dancing, adapted "Shengshi Financial Paradise", let people feel the enthusiasm of the financial team for their work in the rhythm of joy.


Works Department《盛实百草首届中药大赛》


 In the sketch performance of the Ministry of Works, the actors each incarnated into different medicinal materials, and the laughter in the "competition for beauty" continued, and the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine was disseminated in an artistic form, which can be described as infinitely creative.


Production Department《We are together》


 The affectionate singing shows the deep love of every Shengshi person for their work, and sings the attitude of Shengshi people to work together and forge ahead together.


Production Department《红高粱/科目三》


 The Northeast flower cotton jacket with military coat, joyful dance steps, music with feeling, strong audio-visual impact and contrast, exploded the audience. The dance program of the production department pushed the atmosphere of the party to a climax.


Business Department《The love to the work》


 The funny passion poem "I Love to Work" was recited, and the team of the business department used a unique humorous form to tell everyone the "secret" of exceeding the business indicators every year, which attracted the audience to laugh and push the atmosphere to a climax again.


Purchasing Department《睫毛弯弯》


 Brisk rhythm, sweet singing, full of youthful atmosphere. This wave of memory brought 90s people back to the past.


Logistics Department《NEW BOY》


 The youthful and dynamic rhythm makes the audience can't help but sing together, waving and dancing to the music.


resident employee《Chambara》


 The people who have crossed the ocean and left their hometowns, they have a hot heart, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, they presented us with wonderful performances, and today's wonderful presentation is the result of their hard work again and again.


Quality Management Department《这世界那么多人》


 Life is just a moment, and the encounter is already signed. A moving melody floated into the hearts of the audience, and this moment made everyone further perceive the fate of the encounter and cherish the feelings of colleagues between each other even more.



 With a seed, the achievement of a tree's high-spirited, with a group of people's no regrets, to compose the growth of an enterprise. In 2023, Shengshi people will work hard and forge ahead, and the company's performance will reach a new high. Behind the achievements is the hard work and dedication of all employees of Shengshi Baicao, and a group of dedicated individuals and teams have emerged in each position.


 At the party, the company solemnly commended the outstanding employees, outstanding cadres and excellent teams in 2023.


Yoshiharu Watanabe, Cao Lijuan, Liu Tianzhi, deputy general managers of Shengshi Baicao, and Yu Bo, executive deputy general manager of Baishan Forest Village, presented awards to outstanding employees in 2023



Ma Xiaodong, deputy general manager of Ping'an Jincun, and Chen Yanguo, executive deputy general manager of Shengshi Baicao, presented awards to outstanding cadres in 2023


Li Gang, executive director and general manager of China Medico, presented awards to the outstanding team in 2023


 Thank them for their dedication, hope that they will continue to play an exemplary and leading role in the future work, and hope that all employees will learn from excellence and create higher value in their respective positions.


Mr. Li and Mr. Chen awarded medals to employees who have been in the company for ten years


 Ten years of struggle, all the way to flowers. From 2013 to 2023, in the past ten years, they have witnessed the vigorous development of the company; I also witness my own growth with my actions. The company held an award ceremony for employees who have completed 10 years in the company and awarded them the 10th anniversary medal of sterling silver and gold plating.



 At the end of the party, Mr. Li gave a New Year's message. Mr. Li first welcomed the guests and the audience, and expressed his gratitude to all the cast and crew and organizers. Secondly, Mr. Li affirmed the achievements of all employees in 2023, and hoped that all staff would work together to continue to forge ahead and create a more exciting new situation in the new year. Finally, Mr. Li sent New Year's wishes to everyone, wishing everyone good health, happy family, smooth work, and good luck in the Year of the Dragon!