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Cohesion and go steady and far-reaching丨China Medico held the 2024 annual work conference

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 On February 4, China Medico held the 2024 working conference with the theme of "cohesion and go steady and far-reaching". The purpose of this meeting is to summarize and analyze the company's work in 2023, further clarify the future work direction, and systematically deploy the work goals and plans for 2024.



 The management of Shengshi Baicao and cadres above the section chief attended the conference, and some leaders of Baishan Lincun Traditional Chinese Medicine Development Co., Ltd., Ping'an Jincun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Jincun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. were invited to attend the conference either.




 At the meeting, the leaders of various departments of China Medico and Mrs. Yu of Baishan Lincun Company made on-site reports on the work in 2023, elaborated on the completion of the annual key work indicators, analysis of existing problems and solutions, and formulated a plan for the 2024 work goals.



  In the exchange and discussion session, everyone spoke freely, and the leaders also made an objective evaluation of the company's overall development in 2023, objectively analyzed the shortcomings in the company's business development, and hoped that all parties would continue to work hard and make progress together in 2024 to help the business achieve greater achievements.




 At the end of the meeting, Li Gang, executive director and general manager of China Medico, made a concluding speech. Mr. Li said that in 2023, with the joint efforts of all employees, the company has overcome many difficulties and challenges, and finally achieved good results, which is very commendable. Mr. Li fully affirmed the dedication of all employees who are not afraid of difficulties and bravely shoulder heavy burdens, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all employees for their efforts and dedication.


 Mr. Li pointed out that in 2023, the company's operating performance indicators will be stable and improving, and the operating income and profit indicators will exceed the budget target. He systematically reviewed the work of the main business sectors, summarized the experience and shortcomings in the work in 2023, analyzed and judged the dynamics of economic development trends in 2024, and made detailed arrangements for the work in 2024:


 First, in 2024, we must fully estimate the difficulties and challenges we will face, and be fully prepared to meet them. "The sage will change when he prepares, the wise will change, and the fool will change when he sees the change", estimate the difficulties more, and make the preparations more solid, so that the work goals can be achieved more effectively. To do the first to establish and then break, turn a big corner, see the problem analysis of the harmfulness and urgency of the problem, to comprehensively consider how to solve the problem safely.


 Second, we should take profit as the center and plan and carry out various tasks. On the premise of focusing on profit targets, open sources and reduce expenditures. On the one hand, it is necessary to take advantage of the trend, step on the right node according to the market development dynamics, recognize the situation and grasp the direction of business development. On the other hand, "it is good to enjoy the shade with the back of the big tree", and it is necessary to give full play to the advantages of the main varieties and make persistent efforts to expand the strategic achievements.


 Third, it is necessaryto strengthen team building and enhance cohesion. The team and the individual are closely related, share honor and disgrace, only cohesion can be stable and far-reaching, firm confidence, unity and struggle, in order to contribute to the development of the Chinese medicine industry, in order to let good Chinese medicine be inherited, to achieve the mission of allowing Chinese to use truly good Chinese medicine.



 In 2024, China Medico will keep its mission in mind, inherit and develop the spirit of traditional Chinese medicine, adhere to strategic guidance, cultivate development advantages, strengthen confidence, work hard, concentrate and move forward bravely, and constantly create a new situation of high-quality development of China Medico, and contribute more to human health!