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The rainstorm is ruthless,Sheng Shi is warm丨Sheng Shi Baicao condolences to the farmers affected by the floods in Hebei

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Since July 27, 2023, due to the combined impact of cold and warm air and Typhoon Dusuri, most of Hebei Province has suffered heavy rainfall, causing floods and geological disasters.

Shengshi Baicao Company attaches great importance to this, and has set up a special relief project for natural disasters to survey the affected farmers, understand the loss of the farmers' base in detail, and go to the scene to organize loving condolences.


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From December 7th to 8th, Chen Yanguo, executive deputy general manager of Shengshi Bai Cao Medicine Co., Ltd., QiTeng Cheng, deputy director of the planting management department, Li Linghui, procurement supervisor of the purchasing department, and others went to Shijiazhuang, Xingtai, Baoding, Hengshui and other places in Hebei Province to express love and condolences to the farmers who were affected by the disaster.

During the visit, the leaders of Shengshi Baicao Company learned in detail about the family situation, disaster situation and actual needs of the affected farmers, and gave a special subsidy of 500 yuan per mu to the farmers who were affected by the disaster to ensure the production and life of the farmers.


Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province


Xingtai, Hebei


Baoding, Hebei Province


Hengshui, Hebei


The company's leaders encouraged the affected farmers to take a correct view of the flood disaster, always maintain a positive attitude towards life, face difficulties, and Shengshi Baicao will always be a strong backing for everyone.



This time, Shengshi Baicao issued a total of more than 246,000 yuan in subsidies, so that the assisted farmers and families could truly feel the warmth and care of Shengshi Baicao, for which everyone expressed their gratitude.



Farmer Zheng Ruyin

"I didn't expect the company to still miss our planting farmers, I was so moved, following Sheng Shi Baicaogan, we are very down-to-earth!"

Farmer lu Yinjing

"I am very touched and happy, Shengshi Baicao helps us get rich, the leaders still care so much, I don't have any culture, but I know that I have been following Shengshi Baicao Company!" 

Farmer  Wang Zhenfeng

"We will be distributed seeds for free, and we will be arranged professionals to guide us in scientific planting, and also sell our medicine. In the event of a disaster this year, the company's leaders came to visit us in person and gave us subsidies. I think we’ll become better and better."



The flood is ruthless, but there is love. While sticking to its original mission, Shengshi Baicao also uses the advantages of industrial resources to help rural revitalization and drive the economic development of the planting base area. Give full play to the role of leading enterprises, try our best to solve problems for farmers, and always move forward with everyone through thick and thin!