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Passionate June, Walking Together with One Heart - S China Medico Corporation 2023 Employee Qingdao Tourism Team Activity

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Sunshine, beach

Blue sky and white clouds

mountain breeze and waves 


In order to enrich the spare time cultural life of employees, let them enter the nature, relax, enhance communication, enhance team cohesion and Centripetal force, and stimulate their enthusiasm and fighting spirit, the company specially organizes Qingdao tourism group building activities.


On June 16th, the first group of over 160 employees successfully arrived in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao.


Qingdao, we're coming~


----     Traveling freely in Laoshan     ---



On June 17th, facing a gentle breeze and with anticipation, all the staff arrived at the foot of Laoshan. After listening to the overall arrangement and precautions of the mountaineering activity, everyone was full of energy and marched towards the top of the mountain with cheerful steps.


On the way, everyone breathed fresh air and enjoyed the lush mountains, climbing up the stairs.


Sharpen our willpower, unite and work hard. Along the way, everyone encouraged and cooperated with each other, fully promoting the excellent style of teamwork and fearlessness. Everyone spoke freely, walking and stopping in the beautiful mountain scenery, taking photos as souvenirs, and leaving behind waves of laughter and laughter on the winding mountain road.

----     Strolling on Zhanqiao     ---




Feeling the moist sea breeze, overlooking the beautiful scenery of sea and sky, strolling on the pier with colleagues, everyone is filled with happy smiles. Everyone exchanges emotions with each other, enjoying themselves to the fullest. Some have agile steps, some have light steps, and some walk and stop, using cameras to record the most beautiful scenery around them.


----     Happy Golden Beach     ---

On June 18th, on the beautiful golden beach, the company organized a fun group building activity, allowing everyone to experience the fun of the activity, feel the cohesion of the team, and harvest a happy mood in the beautiful scenery.


Multi-directional tug of war


“OneTwo, come on! One, Two, come on “Amidst the constant slogans, the beach team building activity kicked off with a multi directional tug of war.

We can see the contestants with bulging veins on their faces, rubbing their sole back and forth on the beach, gripping the rope with both hands and pulling hard. The four forces were intertwined, and they showed their strength and skills to the fullest, attracting cheers from the crowd outside the field.

Invincible hot wheels


The invincible hot wheels game tests the ability of teamwork and is a competition of skill and speed. The loud and clear slogans guide the team to move forward courageously, not only striving to catch up with each other, but also being cautious. Everyone is full of enthusiasm, "thinking in one place" and "using strength in one place", quickly and steadily approaching the finish line.

Beach Kangaroo Jump


When they fell, they stood up strong, the bag fell, and they quickly pulled it up. The participating members jumped passionately, sparking cheerleading cheers. The competition continued, and the sound of 'cheering on' continued. With the constant cries, they felt the wind in their feet, and their legs worked hard to jump forward, striving to buy time for the team. At this moment, they demonstrated the power of unity through their actions.

In addition to experiencing the fun of group building activities, the friends stepped on waves and blew the cool sea breeze, opening the joy of digging for treasures, picking shells, and catching crabs at the seaside.


Waves, footprints and laughter, and everyone's face was filled with a heartfelt smile.


As time goes by, this tourism group activity has come to a successful end~

This outdoor activity not only alleviated everyone's pressure in life and work, but also brought colleagues closer together. Experience the power of a team more deeply in the joyful game.

In the future, I hope everyone can welcome a better tomorrow with a sunny, optimistic Positive mental attitude, and look forward to your and my companions next time!