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Congratulations |The "Golden Hammer Cup" has come to a successful end, and many people from China Medico Corporation have won honors!

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On the afternoon of July 7th, the 2023 High tech Zone Labor and Skills Competition Launch Ceremony and the "Golden Hammer Cup" Binhai Finance and Taxation Vocational Skills Competition were successfully held at Haitai Building, Huayuan Science and Technology Park, High tech Zone. This competition aims to further deepen the reform of the construction of industrial workers and help Binhai to support and lead high-quality development.


Competition Launch Ceremony


The "Golden Hammer Cup" Coastal Finance and Taxation Vocational Skills Competition was launched at the end of May. Through online registration, video training, knowledge contest, online preliminary contest, pre competition training and other links, a total of 5369 people participated in the event, and 339 people from 166 units in Binhai entered the preliminary contest; After a competition of strength, the top 100 were selected to enter the finals, with a total of 7 people from China Medico Corporation entering the final stage.

Competition site


In the tense and intense final stage, after a 90 minute financial and tax practical competition, China Medico Corporation employees ultimately won the first place, with multiple people entering the top 30.


Chen Xiaohong ranked first

Fu Meixia, 23rd place

Zhang Qian ranked 30th


Top 30 list of 2023 "Golden Hammer Cup" Binhai Finance and Taxation Vocational Skills Competition


This skill competition is an important test of financial level for China Medico Corporation, and the achievement of excellent results reflects the professional strength of the company's financial personnel. China Medico Corporation will take this competition as an opportunity to continuously strengthen professional knowledge, refine various professional skills, effectively improve the company's refined management level, and contribute more to the high-quality development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry.