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Enjoy the joy of the beach and feel the cultural charm - China Medico Corporation 2023 Qinhuangdao Tourism Group Activity

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To create a good company atmosphere, allowing employees to relax, broaden their horizons, enrich cultural life, and enhance team awareness, the second group of tourism workers arrived in Qinhuangdao on July 1st, embarking on a two day and one night joyful journey.


——————————————————      Happy on Yudao     ——————————————————


The salty sea breeze mixed with laughter and laughter

and the soft sand piled up into a dream castle

A group of cute people ride the breeze and surf the waves

galloping on the beach sports field

feeling the passion and joy of beach water play and beach group building


—————————————————————      Beach Kangaroo Jump      —————————————————————


Strive hard and move forward with all our heart.

Even if our feet are constrained

 our posture remains robust

The waves resounded with warm cheers

and the "Wallaby" were united and methodically

"galloping" to the destination


—————————————————————      Two people three feet      —————————————————————



A small rope, tightly pressed against the arm. We stand together as the most perfect team. We work together, and the endless vitality and energy of youth are the constant cries of unity and cooperation.


—————————————————————      Enjoy Shanhaiguan      —————————————————————


Enjoy the magnificent Shanhai Pass and feel the history and culture. On July 2, everyone gathered at Shanhai Pass to appreciate the majestic charm of the world's best pass and feel the rich historical and cultural heritage.


Stroll along the ancient path of the Great Wall, touch bricks, tiles, and stones, travel through time, and experience the charm of history. On the way, everyone communicated with each other, helped each other, experienced sincere friendship, and felt the beautiful time.








This tour group building activity was successfully completed in a happy and harmonious atmosphere. This tour group building activity not only enabled everyone to exercise their body and feel happy, but also improved the cohesion and Centripetal force of the staff. Everyone expressed that they would devote more enthusiasm to their work, not lose time, not lose youth, and contribute to the high-quality development of the company.



A group of people with one heart, forge ahead and unite, we move forward all the way!