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Good news| China Medico Corporation has won the national "Golden Bridge Award" which is the highest honor in the national technology market!

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On June 10th, the 11th China Technology Market Association Golden Bridge Award Recognition and Reward Conference was held in Beijing.


The project of "Construction and Application of Quality Standard System for the Whole Industry Chain of Ginseng Medicinal Materials and Decoction Pieces" by China Medico Corporation was awarded the Golden Bridge Award (Excellent Project Award).





The "Golden Bridge Award" of the China Technology Market Association is the highest award in the national technology market field, selected every two years, aimed at recognizing and rewarding advanced collectives and outstanding transformation projects that have emerged in the construction of technology markets, transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promotion of technological progress through technological services, and high-tech industrialization. It is an important and influential award evaluation activity in China.


China Medico Corporation, as a leading enterprise in the segmented industry of traditional Chinese medicine and herbal decoction pieces, has always adhered to the mission of "making Chinese people use truly good traditional Chinese medicine", focusing on the standardized cultivation of traditional Chinese medicine and the production and operation of traditional Chinese medicine and herbal decoction pieces.


The company takes planting bases as its core strategic resources, relies on the advantages of the entire industry chain, strictly monitors the entire process of "planting, collection, processing, testing, and warehousing" with high standards, and strives to create good traditional Chinese medicine with "origin traceability, authentic quality, international standards, and safety and reliability".



During the selection process, the project of China Medico Corporation stood out among many excellent projects and successfully passed the review and organization committee of the Golden Bridge Award. This is a full recognition of China Medico Corporation 's significant breakthrough in the core technology research and fruit industrialization of the entire industry chain of ginseng medicinal materials and decoction pieces.


In the future, China Medico Corporation will continue to adhere to its original mission, driven by technological innovation, to create high-quality traditional Chinese medicine, and make greater contributions to people's health and the high-quality development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry.