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Quality Improvement by Craftsmanship |"Cao Lijuan Craftsman Talent Innovation Workroom" Was Successfully Licensed

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       On April 24th, The Trade Unions of Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone Technology Industry Development Zone held “Chinese Dream • Labor Beauty Workers’ Day celebration” which was supposed to show that working and striving are the two most honorable things. At the meeting, Cao Lijuan Craftsman Talent Innovation Workroom of China Medico Corporation was awarded the license.



       The Model Workers and Craftsman Talent Innovation Workroom is an important platform for vigorously promoting the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship, fully leveraging the exemplary and leading role of model workers and craftsman talents and encouraging employees to actively participate in innovation, creating efficiency and creating excellence.


Cao Lijuan  Vice president of China Medico Corporation


       Inherit and spread the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, protect the genuineness of medicinal materials. As the person in charge of quality management & research and development in the company, she strictly adheres to quality management standards and adheres to the company's original mission of "providing Chinese with quality traditional Chinese medicine". Relying on the company's technological innovation achievements, she and her team devote themselves to tackling key problems.


       Cao and her team continuously promote the application of DNA molecular identification technology, planting technology and traditional Chinese medicine decoction processing technology in the production and processing of traditional Chinese medicine, focusing on the two major directions of "striving to create good traditional Chinese medicine with 'origin traceability, authentic quality, international standards, safety and reliability', and providing extended services for traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces". Cao and her team have established a quality standard system for "Jingbiao decoction pieces", which has continuously improved the internal safety, stability and uniformity of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces and strives to produce traditional Chinese medicine with high quality. Jingbiao decoction pieces of China Medico Corporation are best-selling in major medical centers and medical units across the country and have won unanimous praise from patients and pharmacy staff.



       The construction of Cao Lijuan Craftsman Talent Innovation Workroom will be continuously promoted. The workroom will vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship, further enhance innovation awareness, develop creative thinking, demonstrate the courage to innovate and to be the first, and the vitality to thrive, actively leverage the driving and radiating role of innovation workroom in demonstration and leadership, talent gathering, innovation research, cultivation and inheritance, continuously encourage more employees to radiate labor enthusiasm, unleash innovation and creativity potential, and contribute wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry.