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Safety and Responsibility Override Everything| China Medico Corporation Held Its 2023 Annual Fire Emergency Drill and Training

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In order to strengthen the company's ability to resist emergencies, improve the staff’s awareness of fire safety and work effectively in fire safety, China Medico Corporation held this "2023 annual fire emergency drill and training" on February 23rd.

The fire Squadron of the High-tech Zone was specially invited to conduct on-site guidance and demonstration.


———————————————————————   Escape drill   ———————————————————————


With the ring of the "fire emergency alarm", the drill officially began, and the emergency team performed its duties.

Safety officers from each department organized the staff to cover their mouths and noses, bend over and evacuated quickly and orderly to a safe place.


▲Escape drill


After receiving the order, the fire-fighting team of the company immediately put on the fire-fighting suit and breathing apparatus, quickly arrived at the fire point to control the initial fire, and the safety and environmental protection director immediately dialed 119 to alarm.

Fire fighting and rescue drill


With the rapid response of the company's emergency team and the assistance of firefighters, the "fire" was quickly controlled and the "wounded" were rescued in a timely and effective manner.


———————————————————————   Escape drill   ———————————————————————


▲Instructor Shang was explaining how to use fire extinguishers


Instructor Shang of the Fire Squadron of the High-tech Zone made a summary and evaluation of the evacuation drill. He affirmed the good performance of the company's employees and that they quickly arrived at the evacuation location during the drill, and at the same time explained the relevant fire safety knowledge to everyone in detail.


▲Outfire practice experience


All the staff listened carefully to the explanation about the right way of using an escape mask and fire extinguishers of three different types. After the explanation, company leaders and employees volunteered to experience the fire-fighting operation. Everyone was active. Under the safety guidance of the firefighters, the staff completed the fire-fighting action and actively improved their own fire emergency capability with practical actions.


———————————————————————   Leader's speech   ———————————————————————


▲General Manager Cao's speech


Finally, Cao Lijuan, deputy general manager of China Medico Corporation, made a summary speech on the fire emergency drill. She first expressed thanks to the High-tech Zone Squadron for its assistance. She said that the drill provided us with a valuable practical experience. We should take this opportunity to carefully summarize our experience and improve the emergency response capability. At the same time, Cao pointed out that in the future, safety management, publicity and training in daily work should be further strengthened to lay a solid foundation for the establishment of a safe factory.


Everyone is responsible for fire safety