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Congratulation| The Third "Haihe Craftsman Cup" Skill Competition Achieved Good Results

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In order to vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit and craftsmanship, promote the quality improvement of Chinese medicine and the high-quality development of the Chinese medicine industry in this city, and improve the skill level of the talent team in the Chinese medicine industry, on November 7, the third "Haihe Craftsman Cup" skill contest - Tianjin Medical Product Buyers and Sellers' Professional Skills Competition and Chinese Medicine Identification Skills Competition was successfully held.

There are three events in this competition, namely the preliminary, the second round and the final. There are 12 teams from many major Chinese medicine enterprises in Tianjin, including Tianshili Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin Tongrentang Group Co., Ltd. and China Medico Corporation, 30 players have entered the final.

In the final, there were four events: theoretical knowledge written examination of traditional Chinese medicine, microscopic identification of traditional Chinese medicine, character identification of traditional Chinese medicine, authenticity identification of traditional Chinese medicine, and quality judgment of processed products of traditional Chinese medicine. After fierce competition, China Medico Corporation won many honors.

Chen Hong, a contestant of China Medico Corporation, won the second prize in this competition; China Medico Corporation contestants are among the best in individual events.

Microscopic identification of traditional Chinese medicine: Chen Hong first, Chen Yunlong second

Character identification of traditional Chinese medicine: Chen Hong

Authenticity identification of traditional Chinese medicine and quality judgment of processed products of Chinese medicine pieces: Zhuang Zhongbo ranked second

Glimpse of China Medico Corporation competitors at the Competition

It is understood that the "Haihe Craftsman Cup" Chinese herbal medicine identification contest is the top event of Tianjin Chinese herbal medicine identification contest, which has set up a broad stage for Tianjin Chinese herbal medicine identification talents to emerge, and has become a beautiful "card" in the field of Chinese herbal medicine identification contest.

In the preliminary and second round, all departments of China Medico Corporation attach great importance to the competition and assign special personnel to take charge of the work in all aspects of the competition. In order to ensure the fairness and justice of the competition, the closed book mode is adopted uniformly, and the examination time is strictly controlled. The personnel administration department of the Company organizes several personnel to supervise the examination site.

After a fierce and orderly competition between the preliminary and the second round, the best will be selected from the best. Finally, three players were selected to enter the final, and Cao Lijuan, the company's vice president, led the team to participate in the competition in person.

China Medico Corporation Preliminary Competition Site

China Medico Corporation, with its good organization and planning ability and active participation, was recognized and affirmed by the Association, and was awarded the "Excellent Organization Award". It was invited to serve as the supervisor of the final to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the competition.

As a leading enterprise in the field of traditional Chinese medicine industry, China Medico Corporation has always adhered to its original mission and done a good job in traditional Chinese medicine. The company pays attention to the identification of traditional Chinese medicine, carries out scientific research in several key links of traditional Chinese medicine detection, realizes the genetic identification of seeds and medicinal materials through the "DNA barcode species identification system of traditional Chinese medicine", ensures the purity of the original, and makes every effort to realize the purity and genuineness, and high quality of traditional Chinese medicine, so that Chinese people can use real good traditional Chinese medicine.