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A bulletin of glad tidings | China Medico Corporation was awarded the title of "Professional, Refined, Distinctive and Innovative" SME in Tianjin

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A few days ago, Tianjin industrial and Information Technology Bureau released 《List of Specialized, Refined, Distinctive and Innovative SMEs in Tianjin in 2021 》, and China Medico Corporation ’s on the list.



"Profession, Refinement, Distinctiveness and Innovation" is a major project implemented by the state to guide SMEs to take a professional, refined, distinctive and innovative development path, enhance their independent innovation ability and core competitiveness, and promote the transformation and upgrading of SMEs and high-quality development. The award will help cultivate a group of SMEs with strong technical strength, good product quality, excellent service, big market share, great brand influence and broad development prospects in the subdivided industries.



As a leading enterprise in the subdivided industry of Chinese herbal medicine and herbal decoction pieces, China Medico Corporation has made remarkable achievements in the industry by insisting on in-depth development in professional fields and focusing on key technologies for many years. The company's main products apply standardized pollution-free cultivation technology, advanced species identification technology of Chinese herbal medicine with DNA barcode, and rely on standardized processing technology and refined quality testing technology to achieve the whole process quality control of "planting, processing, testing and storage". Driven by scientific and technological innovation, China Medico Corporation has continuously increased its R&D investment in recent years, helping to create an "innovation weapon" for high-quality development.


This award is a full affirmation for China Medico Corporation 's innovation ability and core competitiveness, as well as recognition of the company's long-term business management, professional technology level, scientific and technological research and development ability as well as comprehensive service ability.


Turn honor into motivation, and turn original intention into perseverance. China Medico Corporation will take this opportunity to further strengthen technological innovation and management innovation, enhance core competitiveness, continue to adhere to the development path of "Profession, Refinement, Distinctiveness and Innovation" and promote the high-quality development of the company.