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Safety Knowledge Competition丨Abide by the safety laws of production and be the primary responsible person

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June 30th, 2022, China Medico Corporation held the annual safe production knowledge competition of the year 2022, in order to effectively improve the employees’ safety skills, master the knowledge of safe production, reduce the risk of accidents, create a safe production atmosphere, accelerate the implementation of the company's safe production responsibility system and promote the rapid improvement and development of the company's safety management.



Executive deputy general manager of China Medico Corporation Chen Yanguo, deputy general manager Wang Xuelin, minister of business department Liu Tianzhi and minister of the personnel and administration department Du Zhengkuan were specially invited to participate in the competition as judges.


——————————————————————  Contestants  ————————————————————————



All the departments sent competent gentlemen and ladies to participate in the competition, they itched to have a go with high morale and fighting spirit.


Learning while competing, helping others while catching up, master-hands compete with each other.



This competition was divided into three parts: In the Bag (required questions and T or F questions), Strive To Be the First (quick responses to T or F questions), and Final Duel (blind box short-answer questions, looking at pictures to find mistakes).

The competition was in a stalemate from the beginning. The participants were fully prepared and responded quickly. The scores of each team were once stayed on deuce. The solid theoretical knowledge reserves of the competitors won cheers from the audience.



The part of "Strive To Be the First" pushed the competition to a white-heat stage. It was a double contest of brain power and hand speed for one side could turn the tables in the blink of an eye. The players made full use of every minute compete against each other, racing to be the first to answer the questions as sudden as lightning. Every answer race and challenge affected everyone's heartbeat. The atmosphere of contest was tense and warm.




The pinnacle duel session brought the game into another competition point, with a new question type and familiar daily life scenes, which attracted the audiences to be eager to try. No matter how carefully the answers were hidden in the questions of finding mistakes in the pictures, they could not be hidden from the players' investigation, the new question type aroused their fighting spirit. The safety hazards hidden in the details which were easy to be ignored, were finally recognized one by one by the players' sharp observation. The members of the referee team also praised the players' answers.


Chen Yanguo, executive deputy general manager, awarded prize to the first prize winning team


Wang Xuelin, deputy general manager of China Medico Corporation, awarded prizes to the second prize winning teams


Liu Tianzhi, minister of business department, awarded prizes to the third prize winning teams


Du Zhengkuan, minister of the personnel administration department, awarded prizes to the third prize winning teams


After a fierce competition, the business department finally won the crown; Production department and logistics department won the second prize; Personnel administration department, finance department, purchasing department, marketing department, quality management department, works department and planting department won the third prize.



Wang Xuelin, deputy general manager of China Medico Corporation, made a summary statement


At the end of the activity, Wang Xuelin, deputy general manager of China Medico Corporation, made a summary statement. Wang congratulated the successful holding of this activity, and pointed out that this safety knowledge competition was an activity of universal learning and common improvement, and a powerful embodiment of the company's positive response to the instructions of the superior and improving the safety quality of employees. It is hoped that cadres and workers abide by the safety production law and be the primary responsible persons, do a good job in the company's safety production work with a high sense of responsibility and a strict working style.



This competition not only provided a stage for employees to show their youthful demeanor, but also promoted the exchange of safety knowledge and the improvement of safety skills. All the staff of China Medico Corporation will continue to contribute to youth in the process of ensuring the stability of production safety and striving for higher performance goals with the high-spirited and down-to-earth style of striving for excellence and hard work.