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Eternal flower gift 丨 Meeting the most beautiful self

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On June 16, in order to enhance the communication and cooperation between every department of the company, improve the quality of employees and show the spiritual outlook of employees, the labor union of China Medico Corporation successfully held this activity of "eternal flower gift, meeting the most beautiful self".


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This activity is the action of "sending off-line interest activities to enterprises" initiated by the labor union of the high-tech Zone. The flower arrangement guider was specially invited to teach the employees of the company hand-in-hand and explain the production method of "Be With You All the Way" immortal preserved flower car ornament.





Immersed in the gentle floral fragrance, everyone enjoyed the fun of hand-made, selecting, trimming, matching and modeling, and was meticulous at every step.





In the process of arranging flowers, everyone gave full play to their imagination and instantly became a master. Among the scattered flowers and leaves, all kinds of production materials were instantly endowed with intelligence. Let's take a look at what they have got.


Yeah! I’ve got a handsome one!
Mine is the most beautiful of all. Who should I give it to?
Ingenious ladies are more beautiful than flowers.

Being with you all the way is the best gift.


Eternal flower gift

Meet the most beautiful self

Every Employee of China Medico Corporation is the best!