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China Medico Corporation Was Entitled Tianjin Municipal Enterprise for Harmonious Labor Relations

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April 26th, 2022, Tianjin Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, together with Tianjin Municipal Trade Union, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Tianjin People’s Government, Tianjin Federation of Industry and Commerce and Tianjin Federation of Enterprises, entitled 43 enterprises including China Medico Corporation as Tianjin Municipal Enterprise for Harmonious Labor Relations.

Tianjin Municipal Enterprise for Harmonious Labor Relations is a title of honor for those advanced enterprises that make a certain contribution in ways such as promoting the economic development of Tianjin, attracting talents, employment promotion, resistance to epidemic and epidemic prevention, disaster resistance and rescue, counterpart assistance, community return and so on. Those enterprises actively implement labor policies and regulations, employ and expend human sources normatively according to the law, guarantee employees’ rights and interests, increase employees’ income, give play to the role of enterprise democratic management, build excellent corporate culture and actively fulfill social responsibilities. Three working groups, led separately by Tianjin Municipal Trade Union, Tianjin Federation of Industry and Commerce and Tianjin Federation of Enterprises, confirmed the final lists after the procedures and requirements of taking a house-to-house survey, reviewing each item, keeping the public informed and then reviewing the awards list by tripartite meeting in strict accordance to Establishment Activity Implementation Measures of Tianjin Municipal Enterprises(Parks) for Harmonious Labor Relations(issued by Tianjin Municipal Human Resources And Social Security Bureau office[2021]No.66).

China Medico Corporation is a leading enterprise in Chinese herbal medicine industry, focusing on the standardized planting of high-quality Chinese herbal medicines, as well as the production and operation of herbal decoction pieces. The company holds the core mission of “To Provide High-quality Chinese Medicine for Chinese People”, and bases on the advantages of the whole industry chain to provide traditional Chinese herbal medicine products and best solutions with accurate effectiveness, controllable quality, and safety and reliability for customers at home and abroad.


Since the beginning, China Medico Corporation has paid high attention to the construction of corporate culture and harmonious labor relations to make itself a harmonious enterprise while devoting itself to producing high-quality traditional Chinese medicine products.

Pay attention to the guidance of Party building. The Party branch of China Medico Corporation plays a leading role in politics actively and urges the enterprise to implement democratic management in the forms of Party conference, education activities for Party members and so on. More than 40 Party members stay ahead of the pack and play a pioneering and exemplary role in every position to make contributions to the continuous and harmonious development of the enterprise.

Deepen the construction of corporate culture. China Medico Corporation adheres to the people-oriented corporate culture. The company is accommodating, and it is kind to its clients and staff and provides broad space for employees’ personal development. All the staff of the company make concerted effort to fulfill and enrich the company’s corporate culture of positive, practicability, honesty and elaboration with practical actions. Each staff makes joint effort, keeps in steps with each other and proceeds with the strategy of constructing standardized, scalized and specialized traditional Chinese medicinal materials planting bases, sticks to the source control to ensure the high quality of medicinal materials.


Organize cultural and recreational activities. China Medico Corporation insists on holding beneficial activities——regular activities such as employees spring outing, outdoor trainings and publicity for environmental protection, organizing interest teams such as chorus and basketball teams and all kinds of cultural activities. These not only enhance employees' sense of corporate identity and belonging and help to form a cohesive force, centripetal force and fighting capacity, but also enrich employees’ life and form a corporate culture atmosphere of solidarity, mutual assistance, fraternity and vigorousness.


Guarantee the employees’rights and interests. To achieve the purpose of selecting with standards, employing and making offer with reference, educating with aims, striving with directions, China Medico Corporation has formulated the company's various management systems of production and operation to ensure the company’s orderly operation and employees’ legitimate rights and interests.


Give full play to the advantages of trade unions as bridges. China Medico Corporation has established a consultation and communication mechanism with employees to deal with issues between employees and the company through various forms such as workers and employees' congress, trade union congress and staff symposium. The company has also established publicity and announce relevant information in time to practically preserve employees' right to know and supervise. By improving daily feedback channels and listening to employees’ voice, the company solves employees’ confusion and difficulties in a timely manner. China Medico Corporation persists in organizing new employees to join the trade union and take physical exams, offering condolences and care to those employees who get married, lose their family, fall ill or live in porverty. The company also provides free room and board, birthday welfare and festival gifts for its staff.



Promote harmony through responsibility. For many years, China Medico Corporation has fulfilled poverty alleviation in traditional Chinese Medicine industry and explored new models of targeted poverty alleviation with Chinese medicinal materials. And as a result, the company has driven tens of thousands of medicine farmers out of poverty and achieved local economic development. For this reason, the company has been entitled Advanced Collective of Poverty Alleviation in Tianjin and awarded Contribution to Poverty Alleviation Award successively.


During epidemic prevention and control in 2020, China Medico Corporation was listed Key Medical Supplies Supply Guarantee Unit of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The company took the lead in resuming work and production, prepared 6000 doses of Qingfeipaidu Decoction, a kind of urgently-needed potion, to fight the epidemic and support Hubei Province. During the epidemic in Tianjin, the staff actively responded to the call of the trade union, signed up as volunteers to fight the epidemic and assisted epidemic resistance service. The company’s volunteers’ team won the title of Outstanding Youth Voluntary Service Collective of Binhai Hi-tech District in Tianjin in 2020. In 2021, the company was awarded the honorary title of Contribution to Epidemic Resistance Award.



China Medico Corporation will cherish its honor and continue to establish and maintain the harmonious and stable labor relations, guarantee the employees’ legitimate rights and interest to create important conditions for the company’s harmonious, stable and continuous development.