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China Medico Corporation was awarded May Day Certificate of Merit of Tianjin

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On the occasion of the arrival of the 132nd international Workers' Day, Tianjin General Labor Union celebrated a Workers' Day assembly ceremoniously in Tianjin Auditorium. China Medico Corporation was awarded May Day Certificate of Merit of Tianjin.

May Day Certificate of Merit of Tianjin, conferred by Tianjin General Labor Union according to the arrangement of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, is an honorary title for advanced collectives that have outstanding contribution for the city's construction. The winners of the honorary title are strictly assessed with the process of layers of recommendation from bottom to top, competitive assessment and selection and performance of democratic process. It aims to emphatically promote model workers spirit, work ethos as well as craftsmanship spirit and as the same time unite and mobilize the workers to give full play to the role of the main force on the journey of the new era.

Behind the valuable honor is the vivid practice that China Medico Corporation’s whole staff persist in undertaking their mission and creating value, it is also the real reflection that all of the cadres and workers live extraordinary lives on ordinary poses.

Under the leadership of Mr. Li Gang, general manager of China Medico Corporation, the company sticks to its original aspiration and mission that providing high-quality traditional Chinese medicine for Chinese throughout the way. Sticking to implement of source control, the company conducts a whole-industry-chain arrangement and spares no effort to produce high-quality traditional Chinese medicine with the characters of origin traceability, genuine medicinal quality, international standard and safety & reliability.

The staff set up the firm craftsmanship spirit of dedication, excelsior, concentration and innovation. They have constant pursuit of high quality and deeply cultivate in the field of science and technology of traditional Chinese medicine, have established quality management system which conforms to international standards following in international footsteps, guarantee the pure source of medicinal materials by utilizing DNA Barcoding Species Identification System for TCM to maintain full achievement of genuine medicinal materials quality.


China Medico Corporation keeps social responsibility and accountability in its mind firmly when it pursues self-development. Responding positively to the national call of common prosperity, the company makes use of traditional Chinese medicine industry and practices a long-term poverty alleviation in traditional Chinese medicine industry, which helps tens of thousands of pharmaceutical farmers to stay out of poverty and become rich and brings about local economic development.


Nowadays, China Medico Corporation has become a leading enterprise in this industry and is shining brightly in the field of Chinese herbal medicine and decoction pieces.

The company will stick to its original aspiration, bravely undertake its mission, build its dream with plod and achieve its dream with solid work, make persistent efforts and spare no efforts to show leadership as a leading enterprise to create more economic benefit and social benefit.