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Mainstream Medias Conducted a Joint Interview with ShengShi Baicao.

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November 7th, “Science and Technology Daily", “China Tianjin Radio”, “Tianjin Daily”, “Binhai Times”, “Innovative Finance Observation”, “Talent Seeking” and several other mainstream media conducted a joint interview with ShengShi Baicao. These media collected and documented how we carefully managed our herbs from the beginning of planting and connected every production link with the perfect transport chain.


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Innovative Finance Observation




△Bincheng News


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With the core mission of “To provide high quality Chinese medicine for Chinese people” we focus on the standardization of each step during the whole herbal production process. All of the herbs or processed herbs we sold had been taken precious good care of since when it was a seed. This perseverance won us the leading position in the Chinese herbal industry, and our company has been rated as "Tianjin City's highest safety level pharmaceutical factory" for 6 consecutive years.


Shengshi Baicao has the top level of Chinese herbal medicine testing lab, and the implemented standard of sulfur yellow, aflatoxin, pollution-free is more stringent than the national pharmacopeia standard. The whole process traceability ensure our high quality of medicinal herbs.

The sustainability of a company is driven by its ability of technological innovation. The “Chinese herbal DNA barcodes identification tech system” guaranteed the quality of our products to a large extend, and it also builds the foundation of our whole process traceability and management system. We kept a tight control of our planting base, pure gene seeds, pollution-free planting technology, sophisticated production and testing management, strict warehousing and efficient transport chain. We firmly believe that high-quality products are born in every perfect detail.