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Liao Guoxun, deputy secretary of Tianjin municipal Party committee and mayor, visited ShengshiBaicao for investigation

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On the afternoon of September 7, Liao Guoxun, deputy secretary of Tianjin municipal Party committee and mayor, went to investigate enterprises in the traditional Chinese medicine industry chain and came to ShengshiBaicao company for the first stop.

Li Gang, general manager of ShengshiBaicao, reported the company's development process, operation and development concept to mayor Liao Guoxun.


Accompanied by general manager Li Gang, mayor Liao Guoxun inspected the R & D center and production workshop to understand the development process. General manager Li Gang also introduced the market demand, quality management, capacity layout, etc. Mayor Liao Guoxun encouraged ShengshiBaicao to adhere to winning with premium quality, pay more attention to R & D investment, continue to extend to the costumer end of the industrial chain, such as compound prescripts. He hoped that ShengshiBaicao could further enhance the added value of products, continue to consolidate its market position and let more consumers use safe and reliable good traditional Chinese medicine.


During his inspection, mayor Liao Guoxun emphasized that Tianjin has a strong foundation of traditional Chinese medicine industry, prominent strength of scientific research in Chinese medicine field and sufficient TCM researchers. The only State Key Laboratory of component traditional Chinese medicine jointly built by provinces is also located in Tianjin. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government take strengthening and supplementing the chain of traditional Chinese medicine industry as one of the main directions of “high-quality development”High quality development is a new expression first put forward by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2017,Its root lies in the vitality, innovation and competitiveness of the economy). Relevant departments should explore and establish the standardization construction system of traditional Chinese medicine, follow the development rule of traditional Chinese medicine, combine the inheritance and innovation, give full play to the characteristics and advantages of Tanggu District, Tianjin, and improve the quality and efficiency of the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry. To achieve that, TCM industry should innovate systems and mechanisms bravely, support a number of local enterprises to become more competitive by offering larger demand, fund guarantee, talent admission. The traditional Chinese medicine industry need to promote the universal use of high-quality products in the whole city and make contributions to improving the health level of the people.


Wang Weidong, vice mayor, Meng Qingsong, Secretary General of the municipal government, Yang Maorong, head of Binhai New Area, Xia Qinglin, Secretary of the Party committee of Binhai high tech Zone, accompanied the investigation.