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We are awarded the title of "advanced collective for poverty alleviation in Tianjin”

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The commendation meeting for poverty alleviation in Tianjin was grandly held in Tianjin auditorium on June 2nd. Tianjin municipal Party committee and Tianjin Municipal Government commended the prominent individuals and collectives which actively engaged in the great practice of poverty alleviation and made every effort to promote the collaboration and paired assistance between the eastern and western regions. These advanced representatives did a solid job in helping poor villages in pairs, made a great contribution to winning the battle against poverty. Li Hongzhong, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, praised the unremitting efforts of these advanced individuals and collectives, and said that their behavior and strong sense of responsibility to the country were very touching. Liao Guoxun, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, presided over the meeting. Duan Chunhua, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and Sheng Maolin, chairman of the Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, also attended the meeting.


ShengshiBaicao won the title of "advanced collective for poverty alleviation in Tianjin”



Shengshi Baicao has always regarded poverty alleviation as our own responsibility over these years. We combined this task with our own business characteristics, insisted to the initial operating principle, and fought for poverty alleviation in the traditional Chinese medicine industry for many years. The raw materials of Chinese medicinal materials used in our products come from various regions of China. We are so glad that the benefits brought by these medicinal materials fed back to these regions. Our company is trying the best to explore the way to help the poor through traditional Chinese medicine and stimulate local economic development.


The award of the honorary title is the full affirmation of ShengshiBaicao by Tianjin municipal Party committee and Tianjin municipal government. We will cherish the honor and make persistent efforts to further consolidate and enhance the achievements in poverty alleviation.We will continue this task with firmer determination.  We will certainly have a better achievement in the coming days!