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Shengshi Baicao was elected as the vice chairman of the Council of Binhai science and Technology Park

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On May 21, the high tech Zone held the inaugural meeting of the theme park co founding Council to elect the members of the Council's leading group.


At the conference, Shengshi Baicao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was elected as the vice chairman of the board of directors of Binhai science and Technology Park, and Chen Yanguo, executive deputy general manager of the company, was elected as the vice chairman.




It is reported that the conference was held to deeply implement the party construction guidance of the district Party committee, jointly create a beautiful "Bincheng" arrangement, promote party construction and enterprise services to extend to the park, realize the full coverage of Party construction guidance, help build the "upgraded version" of National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and build a first-class science and Technology City in northern China.


In addition to its own development, Shengshi Baicao will also conscientiously perform the duties of the vice president unit, make full use of the advantages of the Council platform, give advice and suggestions for the industry and the park, seek common development, and contribute to the health of the industry and the promotion of regional high-quality development.