Address from the general manager
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Li Gang 

  Li Gang, graduated from Peking University, senior foreign trader. Expert of the “State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Advisory Committee for International Cooperation and Exchange” and the “State Ministry of Industry Advisory Committee”; vice president of the “China Association of Chinese Herbal Medicine Planting and Breeding Committee”; Vice chairman of “China Association of Wildlife Conservation Medicinal Plant Conservation Committee”. Current Chairman/ General Manager of Tianjin China Medico Technology Co., Ltd. Paid more than 20 years of attention to the Chinese medicine industry, and acquired deep understanding and successful practice on the development of Chinese medicine industry.


  Traditional Chinese medicine is a treasure of the Chinese nation for thousands of years, and has made outstanding contribution to the multiplication and prosperity of Chinese nation and the health of human kind.


  Chinese herbal medicine is the material basis for traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine industry. The quality and safety of herbal medicine raw materials play a decisive role in the efficacy and safety of the final product. The essence of traditional Chinese medicine industry is “Highly Resource-Dependent”, thus the guarantee of number, and the controllability of quality and safety of the medicine are the lifeline and key to the whole industry.


  In order to inherit and carry forward the culture of Chinese medicine, revitalize and develop the Chinese medicine industry, China Medico has started to pay attention to the source of the production of Chinese herbal medicine. Through developing the planting production bases with standardization, scale and industrialization, the company strives to achieve the whole process quality traceability system of herbal medicines, to provide traditional Chinese herbal medicine products with accurate effectiveness, controllable quality, and safety and reliability for customers at home and abroad.


  China Medico will regard high-quality products as the fundament for the survival of the enterprise, and carries out the duty-bound historical mission of “Providing Chinese with Quality Medicine”, thus producing high-quality medicine with down-to-earth efforts.